Fung Cheung Kee Volunteer Team


Fung Cheung Kee Volunteer Team serves the community with the belief that the greatest gift one can have is a gift given to others. Service should come from the heart and personal growth comes from such service. As such, we are happy to encourage and build a culture of volunteering at our company, both for our employees and their families alike.

Through our various volunteering opportunities, we give back to the wider community and help those in need. We also aim to promote industrial safety in order to fulfil our social responsibility.

Through teamwork and the collective effort of our volunteers at these opportunities, we hope also to help and care for the families of those in the construction industry, build stronger relationships among employees and enhance our sense of belonging, shaping our corporate image accordingly. This approach helps us achieve a win-win situation where our volunteers are given not only a platform to bring happiness and care to those around us, but one where they can work together to build a better work-life balance and seek personal growth, while experiencing the true meaning behind the proverb, “it is better to give than receive.”